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    Welcome to ABM Lock Solutions, a locksmith company in Tustin, CA. We are a professional, certified, license-bonded company that offers the best trained and knowledgeable locksmith technicians in the entire area. We are a company that is diligent in it’s efforts in establishing customer and client safety, security, and well being. Any lock and key job is an extremely life changing job that some customers may take light.


About Us

    ABM Lock Solutions knows that a strong, secure, and sturdy lock is essential no matter what it is. A home, vehicle, and any business needs to be utterly secure at all times. Any problems with the lock or key is a danger to safety and if not taken care off, can become a very costly  emergency later on. If a home has a broken or weak lock, it may become a victim of easy break-ins. Many people ignore a weak lock and continue on their lives thinking the wobbly lock isn’t a big issue. But sadly, not servicing these issues can be very dangerous to you, your family and loved ones, and everything else in your home. If a car has a weak lock, robbers can easily break in and steal any valuables you have visible in you vehicle. And if a business has a weak lock, the employees, staff, equipment, machinery, and anything of value is endangered! It is always important to stay onto off all your locks and keep them up to date.

    However, locks aren’t the only thing customers should be concerned with. Keeping track of all your keys is just as important. If you ever lose a key to you home, car, or business, sometimes getting a new key made is the only importance. But it is always recommended that all locks that have a missing key should be rekeyed, if not entirely changed. Sometimes customers think that they simply lost their key because no one they now has it. They then hire a locksmith to craft them a key from scratch. Sadly, a few weeks later these customers call us back saying they experienced a break in and now need their locks changed entirely. Sadly, some of their stolen possessions were irreplaceable. The importance of locks and keys is extremely high.

    To stay on top of your locks, keys, and safety, ABM Lock Solutions is proud to offer all lock and key issues our service. We can help you stay safe and secure in your residence, vehicle, or business. GIve us a call whenever you need professional locksmith technicians to service your locksmith needs. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because safety is necessary at all ties of the day.

ABM Lock Solutions

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